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Antique Aussies Iris & Blue
Antique Tango
Antique Blue and Antique Ivy
Antique Tango
Antique Turn N Burn in Western Skies
Antique Aussie Puppy
Antique Aussies Puppies
Ch Antique Ivy
Ch Antique Ivy in Western S and Blue




Welcome to the

wonderful world of


where we have been raising registered AKC & ASCA Australian Shepherds for over 40 years! We know them inside & out!

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Our History

Antique Aussies was established back in the late 70's  just because we loved the breed and lived on a ranch. They quickly captured our hearts and we began a very small breeding program that even in today's standards is producing top quality dogs for both companion and show homes. We started in a small town, Camp Verde, Arizona and now are located below the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Platteville, Colorado. Our dogs live on a ranch, have free roam as do our puppy's. It is such a great opportunity for them to explore and experience all that a ranch offers. Our dogs were even featured as models in the Miller Stockman clothing catalog for two years. 

Antique Aussies are bred to be companions first, a dog that can adjust to about any situation and is flexible with a very strong emphasis on temperament, health, and quality. All our breeding dogs are OFA certified for good to excellent hips & elbows. We also make sure they get yearly eye exams to make sure there are no abnormalities. Last but not least, every puppy leaves with vaccinations, worming and also have been cleared of any eye abnormalities.

We have stayed so successful because we really care about our dogs and who takes them home to their forever home.  We actually build a relationship with our buying family and keep in touch throughout the years. When you buy one of our quality pups you become part of the Antique Aussie family. 


We have sold pups all over the United States, even Hawaii.  The best part of being a breeder is seeing the sparkle in  everyone's eyes when they walk out with our pups. Because we form a good relationship with these family's and provide an amazing companion pup we get so many repeat customers. That is why we know we are doing something right! People come back!


Please feel free to contact us anytime.  We love to visit about our dogs and hear about yours!


Antique Aussies

Leslie Woolery



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